Desertstone Academy

An Academy for Art, Science, and Self Sustained living

About Me

I grew up in Bakersfield, California. I never did great in school and hardly made it out of high school. I don’t have any degrees or a collection of certificates. Everything I learn and teach is all self-taught. Which sounds like a terrible resume, but all subjects you see posted here are my own skills and passions.

My focuses and my self-education are very broad spectrum, but didn’t start learning all that much until about 2007. My interest about anything, didn’t happen until I started learning music in about 2003. From there I started putting together a band with a friend which lead me to record music. But having a very low budget I had to come up with clever way to get the job done. I started recording in a nontraditional way and started applying nontraditional ideas towards the band. As our band came together we needed a name. My friend Andrew had the nickname Drew Skies. And I wanted to make a change even through music, a revolution you might say. So we went on to be known as the Skies Revolution as he was the musical talent.

Over the next three years the band begins to fade, members went off to college, and I began to get a knack for recording. As they went their separate ways I continued recording other bands. As this one on I begin to see the potential for these musicians. Seeing this talent, I wanted to do more. I began in 2007 learning graphic art for flyers, posters, and album artwork. Later, I began to dive into Photoshop and photography. This went from one thing to the next, a giant web begin to form. This included: audio, video, photo, modeling, fashion design, artist promotion, and logo design and more. Basically anything to do with an artist, I want to learn.

As this went on with my focus on musicians, I was also learning about hydrogen production through electrolysis, different combustion engines and jet types, and new propulsions like gyroscopic thrust and inertial propulsion.

With this knowledge I wanted to start building my first hydrogen generator. I was working in construction at the time doing demolition, I found a Gatorade bottle, A couple wires, and two screws. I put it altogether and filled up the bottle with water, and connected it to my car battery. For me this is just a proof of concept and I wanted to just see it work.

Although this horrible generator was nothing to tell the world about, it was just a spark for my appetite for knowledge.

Within the year I became unemployed for the next two years. As where most would kick back and Live off their friends for a while or frantically look for job. Although I had no money and was currently looking for a job, my main focus was on discovering more. I began learning Japanese, programming, chemistry, nuclear physics, more in depth photography, short filmmaking, 3-D animation and modeling, Gold prospecting, and more.

As time went on it seemed like I was learning more than I wanted to know. I began to see more and more issues that people were looking over. I kept finding that people were focusing on one thing and never addressing the source or multiple solutions. I began piecing together all the little things to make your day-to-day life easier or more interesting. Although some of these things alone seemed pretty neat or beneficial, none of them were enough by themselves.

I kept finding great and wondrous things, a lot of which just blew my mind. The sad fact was that even people like John Hutchinson, who carried on Nicola Tesla’s work and succeeded, didn’t do anything with his work. On the other hand, there are people like Stanley Meyer who did try to do something with his work, but only from a market standpoint. Unfortunately Stan didn’t get his product out there and passed away. I plan to not make the same mistake as as Stan or John or others like them. I plan to share the information I find and not market and patent any inventions or technology. If we were to do this, Technology would grow exponentially at an incredible rate.

My goals are simple, well planned out with multiple backups, and are entirely feasible. Though they might seem odd, crazy, or even outright fantasy. Each piece of this amazing possible has already been tested and proven, but is never been pieced together.

Even without support, my goals will be obtained, even if only for myself. Although alone, it’ll take much longer and be harder to reach but I still will live my life in the most fantastic and amazing way I can.


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