Desertstone Academy

An Academy for Art, Science, and Self Sustained living

My Plan

The plan is to have a new way of living that’s never been done before by our records. The idea is to live off grid and to be self-sufficient. Not only will it be a place with no need for money, it will be a place that has a controlled environment that will allow better health and mental state. It will be a community that will have the ability to make its own food and supply its own basic resources. Life would basically be as normal, but more like the way you were as a child on summer break with limited responsibly, no worries about where your food comes from, no though about if you’ll be able to afford to get by or make rent, and having all the time in the world to do what you love.

Though it might sound like I’m trying to make a “utopia”, I’m only making a free way of living, though not an effortless or a perfect way. Although massive burdens and stress will be lifted, you’d still have a purpose and a duty to the community. But unlike a job, your position would be a place of duty that you made according to what you love and know. Your “job” wouldn’t force you to be there or stay in a position you don’t like or not suited for just because you need the money or can’t find another job. You would have the privilege of contributing to your community by doing what you do best, whether that is being an artist or an engineer. If at any point you wanted to focus on learning something new, you’d have the time and resources. say if your position was a caretaker of the greenhouse, you might only be doing that 4-6 hours a day, and the rest of the day could be use to learn, relax, work on other talents and project.

Now if we also had someone who was into robotics and micro-controllers they could contribute to the greenhouse caretaker by automating the water supply, Ph balance, lighting, plant food, etc. Now after that, they might only have to stop by a couplea times a day to check up on the systems, harvest, or plant something new. suddenly their “work hours” just went from 42-28 hours a week to 14-4 hours.

So if we were to focus on furthering the efficiency of each “job” with contribution of an other, then eventually everyone would have more time to do what they love. And what kind of joy would you have knowing that everything you seen around you or ate came from yourself or your friend? And to think, what kind of technology would be around you or even invented without having research and production being dictated by whether it’ll sell or the price of production.


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