Desertstone Academy

An Academy for Art, Science, and Self Sustained living

Our Goal

The Goal is the reach the point where tuition is a thing of the past, and allow those who seek to better themselves and others to attend and teach at the school. To get to that point, we’ll be designing and building systems to become self sufficient so that food, water, power, and all basic resources are met. This school will be built, ran, and attended by students. Students will also be the teachers and vise versa, giving anyone the opportunity to teach and learn. Some will chose be temporary, but others will stay to live as a community and master their skill while passing on their knowledge. Having no major obligations but to themselves to dedicate their time to learning and creating, without the normal waste of life chasing money and trying to make ends meet having no time or resources to achieve their goals or explore their passions.

This may not sounds like a school, because is much more than your traditional idea of school or work or way of life. But one that comes natural to a child that seeks only their interests and passions, never having to worry about bill, dates, and deadlines. We as people are more than capable of doing this especially with all our technology, as plenty of places in the world already achieve this but come to look savage or primitive yet live fulfilled lives. We can do the same while still keeping the tech we love and the convent life style of the modern world.

In the beginning it will be to offer specific classes and be based on a very reasonable tuition. Starting with weekend classes then to summer classes with room and board until we reach permanent residents.

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